4 people signed the KMT chairman election but will vote in 26 next month-t6570

4 people signed the KMT chairman election but will vote in 26 next month, the original title: Chairman of the KMT election four signed but will formally vote on March 26th [global network Roundup] according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reported on February 26th, for the 9600 "election Party Union Department KMT chairman needed threshold", the Kuomintang Commission 26 days the completion of the review, the KMT candidate number is 1 and the announcement of Chen Xuesheng, 2 Li Xin, 3 Huang Minhui, 4 Hong Xiuzhu, March 26th by the 320 thousand party vote to elect a new president. The original 6 table in a by election, but the former senator Lin Rongde Chen Mingyi in New Taipei City, member of the Standing Committee announced the withdrawal, the party chairman is determined by 4 people competing for the battle. KMT president election by Chen Xuesheng, Huang Minhui, Hong Xiuzhu and Li Xin 4 people completed registration. The party signed a part of audit results as follows, Chen Xuesheng check number is 22387, the qualified number is 10710; Huang Minhui check number is 65606, the qualified number is 37780; Hong Xiuzhu check number is 80875, the qualified number is 38407; the new check number is 28834 Li, the qualified number is 9620 copies, 9620 copies of signed threshold required by the four per capita. According to the planning of the election by election, at least one political interpretation meeting will be held in from March 1st to 25th, and Party members will vote in March 26th. Editor: the flourishing SN123

国民党主席补选联署4人过关 将于下月26日投票   原标题:国民党主席补选联署四人过关 将于3月26日正式投票   【环球网综合报道】据台湾“东森新闻云”2月26日报道,对于国民党主席补选党员联署所需要的9600份“门槛”,国民党监察委员会26日完成审查,国民党并公告候选人号次为1号陈学圣、2号李新、3号黄敏惠、4号洪秀柱,3月26日由32万党员投票选出新任主席。国民党原有6人领表参与补选,但前新北市议员陈明义、中常委林荣德宣布退选,党主席之争确定由4人角逐。   国民党主席补选共有陈学圣、黄敏惠、洪秀柱和李新4人完成登记。党员联署部分查核结果如下,陈学圣查核数为22387份,合格数为10710份;黄敏惠查核数为65606份,合格数为37780份;洪秀柱查核数为80875份,合格数为38407份;李新查核数为28834份,合格数为9620份,四人均通过所需的9620份联署门槛。   根据补选时程规划,3月1日至25日至少举办一场政见说明会,3月26日进行党员投开票。 责任编辑:向昌明 SN123相关的主题文章: