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26 long distance midfielder completed 100 km – Sailimu Lake Sports — people.com.cn people.com.cn August 31st Bole news reporter once Feng Hua reported: the entire 42.195 km marathon in people’s eyes is long enough, the equivalent of more than two marathon distance of 100 km race known as the "lower volume Steelers". 28, Xinjiang’s first 100 km race "Tianshan giant" 2016 ring super Sailimu Lake marathon shots, 26 long distance runners successfully finish the race, including 5 women. According to the Urumqi City Marathon association secretary general Zhang Jian, the tournament by the Bortala Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture Tourism Bureau and Sailimu Lake Scenic Area Management Committee, sponsored by the Urumqi City Marathon Association, in addition to the 100 km event group, there are 70 kilometers, marathon, half marathon group etc.. Among them, 100 km total climb more than 1300 meters, the closing time of 17 hours, players have to face not only the lake 2073 meters above the high altitude, the night, the mountains, wind, temperature and other natural environment, but also to overcome weariness, hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain and other challenges from inside the body. Half marathon, deputy director of Bozhou Tourism Bureau Sejk told reporters that the central Sailimu Lake road cycling race has become the excellent events to ring Sailimu ultramarathon1 successfully held in Xinjiang to drive more people run up. At 3:30 in the morning, 100 km and 70 km starting group of players in the Sailimu Lake East gate. Bent like a hook, the Milky Way bright, lake shore, according to Ma Er, the headlights in the cow eyes, the light. The players ran the 35 km highway on rolling, bumpy road. Finish the marathon distance. The station not only provide water and drinks, and stewed mutton and mutton soup. Since then, the prairie Road, slowly upward 14 kilometers, 56 kilometers, 2400 meters above sea level reached the highest point of the track. Then, down 15 kilometers, laugh foot yellow grass, sheep shepherd scared to go, "tearful" crying off players, we fear to take the lamb. 71 km reentry point in the blue lake, has completed 50 km and marathon runners in volunteer Li Jianhua seventy. Because it is a section of the road back, how to run down how have to run up, 15 km uphill collapse, no time to take care of beauty, and even the last of the 14 km downhill can not run up. Pain and struggle for the end of the carnival and tears. The 100 km race souvenir get the gold, 70 km race to get small silver". 100 km man group, Xinjiang Institute of Junior Wu Xiao Er to Mai Maiti according mention race? 9 hours 20 minutes 46 seconds, 10 hours and 18 minutes to Feng Hua had 56 second runner up, 10 hours and 55 minutes to buy the 44 second runner up. 100 kilometers of women’s champion Liu Qunying, the score of 12 hours 20 minutes 09 seconds, runner up Chao Ruizhen’s score of 14 hours 25 minutes 08 seconds, runner up to buy Jin Ling a score of 14 hours 34 minutes and 12 seconds. 70 km group, the men’s champion Li Dong score of 8 hours, 14 minutes and 14 seconds, the women’s champion Liu Wenji score of 8 hours, 31 minutes and 30 seconds. Marathon men and women, respectively相关的主题文章: