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Describe 24 indicators of Beijing urban and rural integration blueprint – Beijing newspaper news (intern reporter Li Yao) to 2020, per capita income of farmers in the city will be more than 30 thousand yuan in rural areas, a comprehensive well-off society and new agricultural water down to 500 million cubic meters…… "Beijing" 13th Five-Year "period of integration of urban and rural development planning" from economic development, public services, the quality of people’s livelihood, ecological civilization, social governance five aspects put forward 24 assessment indicators, depicting a new blueprint for the future of Beijing urban and rural integration "". Yesterday afternoon, city, responsible for the interpretation of the main content of the planning. The combination of urban and rural population ease 500 thousand the city will speed up the development of new urbanization and new rural construction, give full play to the role of rural cooperative development in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, to further improve the city center – City – town – the town of new rural community system. The urban fringe is the ease of non capital function and the comprehensive construction of sophisticated industry system important region. "13th Five-Year" period, the combination of urban and rural action plan will be fully completed three years, growing population 500 thousand, increase afforestation area of 35 thousand and 800 acres. While promoting the construction of new countryside, we should focus on the construction of 1500 beautiful villages. Small town is an important node of urban and rural system. To make full use of non significant opportunities to ease capital function, clear functional positioning of various types of small towns, improve infrastructure and public services, focusing on the construction of major projects, focusing on the use of resources, overall planning and construction of snow sports town, Garden Town, Universal Studios town and the new airport service Town, town, town of medical higher education information technology, small town, leisure tourism town, modern agricultural town and a number of functional characteristics of small towns, farmers in situ urbanization and income. At the same time, major projects built city center, the new airport, World Horticultural Exposition, 2020 2019 to promote the World Leisure Conference in 2022, the preparations for the Winter Olympics, led the regional urbanization and industrial upgrading. In the early realization of farmers’ income doubling in the 12th Five-Year period, the work of farmers to achieve results, the average annual growth of 11.2% per capita income of farmers, low-income farmers per capita income grew by an average annual rate of 14.1%. "13th Five-Year" period, will adhere to the rural residents’ income grew faster than urban residents, low income farmers income growth faster than the average level of farmers’ goals, ahead of farmers per capita income more than doubled in 2010. By 2020, the per capita income of farmers will reach 30 thousand yuan, the per capita income of low-income farmers reached $15 thousand. Talking about how to realize the farmers’ per capita income of more than 30 thousand yuan, the municipal agricultural committee secretary, Municipal Agricultural Commission Director Sun Wenkai introduced, one is through great efforts to promote the transfer of employment of farmers, improve the farmers’ level of wage income and other multi-channel, a variety of measures to promote the rural farmers overall income; two is through the development of urban modern agriculture, increase the family the basic income of farmers; three is to accelerate the rural reform, including the continued development and growth of the rural collective economy, improve the collective equity income of farmers, increase farmers’ property income. Municipal government will accurately identify, precise help, comprehensive implementation strategy, increase support.相关的主题文章: