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2016 retirement pension raised Zhoushan how to adjust? Zhejiang retirement pension raised! The increase will benefit nearly 6 million people in the province. So, how to adjust pension? How many? Go down to the bottom. Recently, the Zhejiang provincial government agreed and approved the newspaper agency and the Ministry of finance, Zhejiang province human social security department, the Provincial Department of Finance issued "on 2016 to adjust the basic pension for retirees notice" clear: from January 1, 2016 onwards, Zhejiang Province before the end of 2015 is required for retirement (including retirement, the same below) of enterprises and institutions retirees procedures to adjust the level of basic pension, the province is expected there will be 5 million 400 thousand enterprise retirees, 540 thousand institutions retirees benefit, will benefit a total of 5 million 940 thousand retirees. Pension adjustment retirees in Zhoushan city of Zhejiang province to adjust the way. Adjust the scope and object: the province before December 31, 2015 according to the relevant provisions of the state and province for retired personnel procedures, can adjust the basic pension according to the provisions of this notice. So, pension funds come from? 1, the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, paid from the funds for basic old-age insurance fund. 2, to participate in the pension insurance institutions, paid from the basic endowment insurance fund in institutions. 3 retirees, did not participate in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees and pension insurance institutions, temporarily by the original paid channels. 4, the injured workers disability allowance adjustment costs, according to the original paid channels. The adjustment of retirees basic pension, not only related to the immediate interests of the majority of retirees, but also related to the long-term sustainable development of the pension system and the long-term interests of the majority of retirees protection. According to the notification requirements, will strive to increase the basic pension payment in place before the end of September 2016. The enterprises and institutions of the retired cadres are not included in the adjustment range. Adjust the level and the adjustment method: according to the national plans and requirements, 2016 enterprises and institutions retirees for synchronous adjustment treatment, by adjusting the way quota adjustment, hook adjustment and proper tilt combination. Retiree basic pension increased by the above three parts. Quota adjustment: retirees increased by 60 yuan per person per month. Linked to the adjustment of the payment period, the basic pension level and other factors linked to reflect the multi work, multi payment, multi pension incentive mechanism. Among them, and I linked the payment period of adjustment, I pay period of 15 years and below, the payment period for each full 1 years, the monthly basic pension increased to 2 yuan; more than 15 years of my payment period, payment period for each full 1 years, an increase of 3 yuan monthly basic pension. On the basis of the above adjustments, the elderly retirees will be appropriate tilt. 2015 before the end of the year, male over 70 years of age, women over the age of 65 and above and under the age of 80 retirees, each additional $30 per month; over the age of 80 and above retirees, each additional $60 per month.相关的主题文章: