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Travel-and-Leisure The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world with white sand beaches, azure waters and tons of amazing sights and experiences. However, it is also quite an expensive holiday destination and even in this paradise with a carefully calculated budget, there are simple things that, if overlooked could prove to be quite costly. They are: Taxes And Hidden Costs: If youre dining out at Male or at any of the resort restaurants, meals, unless included in your Maldives packages, could be quite expensive. By law, all establishments are required to charge a 10% service charge and an 8 % Goods and Services Tax. Since food has to be imported to Male and then transported to the different resorts, you should expect dining out to be quite expensive. The Goods and Services Tax has been rising rapidly over the past few years so make sure you check exactly how much you will be paying before you tuck into a delicious meal or avail of a service. Also, always make it a point to check your hotel bill in the middle of your trip as well, to avoid any unpleasant surprises through hidden costs. Wifi Facilities And Costs: True, the Maldives provide an escape into the most scenic locations on the pla., but in todays digital age, being connected is the call of the hour. Imagine relaxing in your private villa hoping to catch up on your holiday reading when you realise you cant access any of your favourite e-books online or clicking amazing pictures you want to share with the world via social media sites and not being able to connect to even one of them. Of course, none of these are really urgent situations, but they could hamper your holiday experience, so its always best to know about the wifi facilities provided by your hotel and resorts, and also how much using these facilities will cost you. Youd be surprised to know that while they may have access to inter. in their offices, a number of hotels do not provide wifi facilities. And many that do, charge quite a bit for the service, making you wish youd put off sharing all those selfies for a point in the future. Just keep these two simple factors in mind before you do anything in the real or the digital world while on your Maldives packages to have a wonderfully happy travel experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: