176 Chang’an University alumni to raise a Shaanxi noodle shop in the Hangzhou (video) g-area meru

176 Chang’an University alumni to raise a Shaanxi noodle shop in Hangzhou recently in the Wulin Road near Shaanxi opened a noodle shop. In particular, this noodle shop has 176 shareholders, they have a common identity — Chang’an University alumni. Common sense of pasta in Shaanxi, which led them to raise the public to open the Changan side". Let a person remember the half past four yesterday afternoon, the museum directors, "Changan side" Hangzhou branch responsible person Mr. Jiang is busy in the shop. After 70, Mr. Jiang is a civil engineering graduate of Chang’an University in, currently working in the field of architectural design in Hangzhou. 176 shareholders noodle shop across the country, including more than 70% in the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area. Among the 176 alumni, most of them are science and engineering students, engaged in construction, transportation and other fields. "Although we are engaged in all walks of life, but the pasta in Xi’an, has the same unforgettable memory." Mr. Jiang said he was from Hubei, the university went to the Chang’an University in Xi’an. One of the biggest effects of college life is to change his eating habits. "When I was young, I didn’t like to eat noodles, but Xi’an stayed a long time." When he was at college, it is the last century at the beginning of 90s, a variety of pasta in the canteen, Youpo surface, hamburger, Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup, whistle face…… , opened a new world of pasta. "It will have a night in front of the school, who won a scholarship, will go to the night market a sumptuous meal." After graduation, Mr. Jiang came to Hangzhou, although left Xi’an, but Xi’an has been obsessed with pasta. "Often find Shaanxi Museum in Hangzhou city." Mr. Jiang said, always wanted to find the university that taste when eaten, "sometimes a business trip to Xi’an, we will go with the noodle shop." Alumni Liu, Shaanxi pasta, it is home to miss the taste. "I am a native of Xi’an, has been yearning for water, after graduating from college, came to the Jiangsu and zhejiang." Mr. Liu said, Shaanxi pasta complex is very heavy, even to the south of the Yangtze River, it is hard to change habits, "a particularly bad fellow, eat pasta every day, almost do not eat Steamed Rice." Alumni of the university time shared memory, the memory of the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi pasta on the characteristics of memory, naturally become an idea, to raise public a noodle shop. A small noodle shop became a platform for the exchange of our alumni 176 alumni, the youngest and oldest difference, 30 years old, the maximum is 60, the smallest is 90." We all feel that the congregation raised the noodle shop, is a very meaningful thing, so each of the tens of thousands of dollars, out of this noodle shop. Here, the alumni can not only eat authentic pasta in Shaanxi, which is a communication bridge alumni, a gathering platform for communication. Last year, they first opened a Changan side in Nanjing, Hangzhou shop is second. In the noodle shop, can be seen everywhere alumni "mark". The noodle staircase with a wall, called "shareholder wall", above all the names of shareholders. There is a wall in the two floor, are all made of bookcase, bookcase books, is the alumni donation. Noodle noodles相关的主题文章: