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10 08 seconds is normal to play   Su Bingtian; he was not satisfied with the play: Rio – Sports – people.com.cn original title: Su Bingtian: Rio play not satisfied with his August 13th China player Su Bingtian before the game. On the same day, in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games men’s 100 meters in the heats, Chinese’s Su Bingtian 10 to 17 seconds to reach the semi-finals. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Lili Xinhua Beijing August 24th sports news (reporter Zheng Daojin) has just returned home from Rio Chinese sprinter Subing add he said, in the Olympic Games is not satisfactory, that in the men’s 100 meters in 10 seconds 08 just ran out of normal play, and did not meet before his breakthrough and is expected to create surprise. Su Bingtian 24 in Beijing to participate in an activity organized by chewing gum, he said in an interview, "this time I did not pressure in Rio, I believe that as long as the players played their best level on the line. However, I am not satisfied with the results, I hope I can have a breakthrough in rio." Su Bingtian believes that he in 100 meters of the man and the semi-finals of the competition rhythm and psychological are not adjusted, especially in the last 20, 30 meters, his poor performance. He said: "maybe it’s because I am this year to participate in the 60 meters more opportunities, so in the first half of play is good, but the back is not good, the rhythm of the distribution is not good, in the semi-finals are old thinking of the performance, psychological also has some problems." In an interview with Su Bingtian also laughed about some easy topic, he said, he can still feel the Olympic passion, but a home feeling is finally home. "I woke up very early, and then wait for base canteen dinner, then eat two bowls of porridge and preserved egg lean meat five dumplings, I feel very good." Su Bingtian said. Su Bingtian and the men’s 4× the other three teammates of the 100 meter relay in Rio in fourth created China team said he in the Olympic Games the best result, the project team, help each other and support the team to make him feel very warm. Su Bingtian also said that as a player, he will encounter many difficulties such as injuries and pain, but he always smile to the face, he hopes that young people can look like him to positive life in the face of difficulties and challenges, the new generation of young people Chinese confidence to show the world, a strong smile. (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: